We highly believed that property development is more than merely a concept, design, architecture, engineering specifications or materials used. Having in mind that buying property is a lifetime commitment to majority of the purchasers, we put in extra effort in doing research before we buy any land for development purposes.The land must be strategically located and highly accessible, provided with dynamic human interaction.

Hence, we strive to deliver top notch properties by paying great attention to every stage of our decision making starting from concept formulation, architectural design, selection of materials, method of constructions, detailed workmanship and finishing since we treasure value creation greatly in our developments.


Noble Glami launched its very first maiden project in Taman Malawati Jaya, Kuala Selangor comprising of Double Storey Terrace House. KS161 introduces modern concept design complimented with hotel-like finishes at an irresistible price which make them the most sought after property in Kuala Selangor.

Due to the successful breakthrough in property market, Noble Glami move boldly by developing a 4.5 acres of residential project in Kapar or best known as K69. Located at a matured and well connected Pekan Kapar, K69 is set to be another milestones for Noble Glami.

Driven by passion and high interest in property development, Noble Glami diversified its expertise by venturing into industrial project that develops one and half storey terrace factory unit in the bustling city of Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. With many more projects to come in various locations, Noble Glami will continue to pave its road of success and cement its position as a leading boutique developer across the nation.


Completed Projects


KS161 is a project built with quantity and quality in mind specially designed for every proud ...